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Laptops in process

Ready to donate your device(s)?

Here are some "must do" things which are needed before we can use the device, and some notes on security for peace of mind.

Prepare your device: About Us


These are the most important things to make sure we can use your device

Contact Details

So we can call if something unexpected happens

Please make sure you leave your name and contact details when you donate the device, so we can call if we find any security that needs releasing before we can use your device.

Tablet and Phone Reset

Release from your Apple and Google Account

All Apple and modern Google devices are locked to your account and can't be used for anything other than spare parts by anyone else until released. If you are comfortable, follow these instructions from Apple or these for Android. Alternatively, when you donate the device, make sure it's fully charged, bring your Apple ID or Google account email and password and another device on your account if you have one, and we'll help you through the process.

Advanced security

If you or your employer has set this up

Some devices, particularly more modern laptops, have additional security which will need dealing with. For example a firmware or BIOS password or an encrypted drive. If you are comfy resetting these yourself, that's ideal, or we will be happy to discuss the specifics if you are unsure.


Chargers are one of our biggest costs, so if you have yours (and any spares!), this is hugely helpful to us.

So it's ready to use

wipe down

Keeps it safe and clean

Please give your device a quick wipe down with a damp cloth. Microfibre cloths with just a little water are ideal for cleaning screens, keyboards etc and won't harm the device.

Prepare your device: List

Resetting and removing data

We will always securely wipe your device, but here are notes if you want to remove it first for peace of mind (and it saves us time too!)

Windows 8 and newer

These versions of Windows have a wizard to reset the PC, see note there from Microsoft. If your computer has a mechanical hard disk, we'll "re-wipe" it using DBAN. If you are comfy with this more complicated software, this is helpful too!

Windows 7 and older

These devices sometimes have supplier reset options, but generally it's easier to wipe them with DBAN or remove the drive and wipe it on another machine. We can do both of these without your password, so if you're happy to donate the device as-is, we will wipe it without needing to see any of your data.  

Apple Macs

Newer Macs have a reset partition where you can wipe the computer using these instructions from Apple. Older Macs have a similar process but you will need the boot CD that came with the machine and start up holding down "C". If you are don't have disks, we can do this for you and won't need your passwords.

iPads and iPhones

As above, if you are comfortable, follow these instructions from Apple. Alternatively, when you donate the device, make sure it's fully charged, bring your Apple ID email and password and any other Apple devices (phones or laptops) on your account, and we'll help you through the process. This process securely wipes all your data as well as releasing from the account.

Android Phones and Tablets

We can normally do a factory reset if you are unable to, but it's ideal if you can reset the device to factory settings before sending.

Prepare your device: List
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